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Power Nation

From a tactical to a comprehensive strategy

Powerade is a very useful hydrating beverage when you have a hangover, but that’s not all it’s good for.
The brand needed to stop being categorized and share its full potential by showing all its advantages clearly and forcefully.

Power Nation
We created an action plan with one main pillar: a podcast to tell the people how to drink Powerade. But that was just the beginning…

Although the pandemic and the fear of trying a different channel appeared, they didn’t discourage us.

The 3 key points of the strategy were:

1) Listening: we understood what the audience wanted.
2) Sport content analysis: we became the sports science of sports beverages.
3) Tailor-made: we brought all the dots together to create useful content.

It all started as a podcast, but little by little we understood that we could give more, that we had to incorporate the product in the day-to-day through content such as workout routines, playlists, running routes, and hydration moments.

- The campaign was 90% organic.
- We make the most of our influencers to amplify the campaign.

- We strengthened the Powerade community.
- Instagram followers increased organically.
- The brand innovated with a different format.
- We believed in our idea until it became a reality.