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Stop Asking #StupidQuestions

Irreverent, direct, and clear

The LGBTIQ+ community is constantly questioned about their identity, at times in very disrespectful manners. Their search for respect and acceptance was the inspiration for KTBO and Sprite’s campaign that promotes empathy towards the community, to combat the ignorance that makes people ask #StupidQuestions. As a brand, Sprite knows that it owns an important platform where it has a responsibility to generate messages that support the community, building a less hostile world for those who don’t meet society’s standards.

That’s how #StupidQuestions was born, a campaign that exposes the very uncomfortable and ignorant questions that the community gets confronted with, and opposes them with the real issues they should be concerning themselves.

- This campaign joins the efforts of the It Gets Better México association
- It was promoted through social media
- It was given visibility in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador
- It was a stance in the face of diverse social problems